Guide to First-Time Car Shipping

Therefore, it is more expensive in comparison to an open-air alternative. Overall, auto transport can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars or more. When it comes to shipping your vehicle across the country, uShip is here to alleviate the stress. Whether you’re planning a vacation and want to bring your car along or have just made a long-distance vehicle purchase, uShip simplifies the process. With the uShip car shipping costs calculator, you can easily compare multiple auto transport quotes from top transporters all in one place, making it incredibly convenient. As you review the vehicle shipping quotes provided by auto shipping companies, it’s important to consider a few key factors. UShip puts your mind at ease by providing a comprehensive platform for hassle-free vehicle shipping across the country and offering a smooth car moving quote system.

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After you sign, the bill of landing becomes your official shipping receipt indicating the condition of your vehicle. Ensure that you confirm the document’s accuracy and keep a copy safely for confirmation on vehicle delivery. Before handing the keys to the auto transport company, it is vital to ensure that the brake fluid, engine oil, coolant, and battery fluid are sufficient. Shipping your car with below-level fluids can lead to mechanical problems upon delivery. You should also ensure that your gas tank is half full to allow the air and antifreeze system to work properly throughout the journey.

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Intercity Lines works with top car-related events, museums, and businesses that trust our excellent service and reputation. If they fail to meet the above criteria it’s best to avoid shipping your car with them. Read more about European vehicle recovery here. It’s therefore essential to give your contact number to the carrier so that they can inform you in advance of the estimated delivery time. In addition, communicate with them regularly regarding the arrival of your vehicle to prevent further delays. Auto transport is not a predictable service, and many things can happen during the course of a shipment. Such things include inclement weather delays, traffic delays, and road construction. If you think the insurance coverage is insufficient, it might be possible to get additional coverage from your own insurance company.

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And don’t forget to learn about the invisible costs of shipping your car. Shipping cars has its highest demand in the summer and its lowest demand in the winter. But, to offset the cost, you’ll end up paying higher prices in the winter. You’ll also need to keep me in mind and frugal ideas you have, other people will have to. An alternative option is to use a shipping carrier who will handle the customs paperwork for you. Shipping carriers who offer this option will assign an agent who will work with you throughout the entire shipping process. They’ll inform you of everything you’ll need to do to get your car imported into the destination country.


In order to ensure that you have enough protection, please read the following information very carefully. Transportation trailers and trucks are the most vital part of auto shipment. It is the carrier that takes your valuable vehicle to your destination.

These trailers feature solid walls and doors that protect against theft, inclement weather, and road debris. Carriers are particularly useful for dealerships that must move large numbers of cars simultaneously. Because they can carry multiple vehicles together, the cost per car is lower than making multiple trips with smaller vehicles. Additionally, don’t forget to navigate platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other consumer protection websites.

If you are searching on a trusted review site like Trustpilot, the site will do much of the vetting for you. The most crucial factor to consider is the auto transport company itself. After all, this organization will get your car from point A to point B. You want the team you work with to be fast, safe, and affordable, with service you can trust.

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