How I-PAC changed nature of election campaigning in India

“The type of work that Vanguard is doing is absolutely critical as a way to balance out a playing field tilted in favor of incumbents,” he says. “Here in D.C., there are so many PR and lobbying firms that work for highly oppressive governments to help them project a positive image, despite massive human rights concerns,” says Smith, 36, who has worked on Africa policy for UNESCO, a U.N.

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Yet if recent polls are a guide, Biden is dangerously unpopular for a president who has advanced a much-sought-after break from neoliberalism. Many voters indicate that they are dissatisfied with the economy and convinced that Donald Trump would handle it better. As the 2024 campaign ramps up, stalwart Democrats are starting to panic over President Biden’s re-election prospects. The Kuomintang favors dialogue and closer but unspecified ties with China in order to avoid a war, but none of the parties support a reunification that would see Taiwan swap its democracy for Beijing’s one-party communist rule. Local staff serve as interpreters, drivers, and as programmatic or administrative assistants to international personnel. Some activities — especially media monitoring and logistical support — often require several assistants. Each LTO team and STO team is assisted by an interpreter and driver, recruited in the regions where observer teams are deployed.

While it was once possible for the Democrats to pin widening inequality and policy capture by plutocratic interests on the GOP, this is no longer the case. The slow recovery from the Great Recession under then-President Barack Obama was severely stratified, huge socioeconomic disparities afflict deep-blue cities and states, and the Democrats’ closeness with Wall Street seems only to deepen. No matter how bold in relative terms, an agenda primarily oriented to myriad “supply-side” issues can’t suddenly counteract the country’s pervasive discontent. A more thoroughgoing approach to economic statecraft was called for, but the political base that might have forced this reckoning hasn’t materialized. In recent years, political consulting has become more commonplace throughout the world and has extended its reach to campaigns at all levels of government.

Many consultants work not only for campaigns, but also for parties and political action committees, while some focus on public relations and research work. Many consultants also take up official positions inside governments while working for an officeholder of the ruling party. Political consulting is a form of consulting that consists primarily of advising and assisting political campaigns.

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His bid to revamp Dharavi has received considerable attention thanks to the slum’s fame with tourists and backdrop to multiple films, including 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire. But Adani Group faces considerable political opposition and legal hurdles to completing the renovation, which has been sounded out with little progress for decades. But longer-term challenges such as unaffordable housing and wage stagnation topped voters’ concerns. He added that more Taiwanese were open to China’s model of governance decades ago, when the Chinese economy was growing by double digits annually, but are repulsed by the crackdown on civil liberties that has occurred under current Chinese President Xi Jinping. Domestic issues such as the sluggish economy and expensive housing also featured prominently in the campaign.

As China looms large, two opposing visions face off in Taiwan’s election

Read more about Content Analysis here. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, efforts to diversify gas supplies have increased the UK’s reliance on fossil fuel imports from the Middle East, including Qatar, the world’s largest exporter of liquified natural gas. Unlike two years ago, the supply disruption takes place against a very different economic backdrop.

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For a democracy of this size with a complex multi-party system, electoral fraud is naturally a leading concern. But the use of EVMs in India’s electoral procedure over the years has given its voters confidence that their vote makes a meaningful difference to election results and democratic governance. Vanguard explicitly states that it will only help candidates and leaders who meet its pro-reform, pro-democracy criteria, which include a commitment to transparency and free elections. So far, Vanguard has only officially worked with candidates in two elections—Gambia and Somalia, in which the firm supported Fadumo Dayib, Somalia’s first female presidential candidate, before she dropped out over concerns that the election was rigged.

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