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Let’s go through some of the factors that you have to consider when determining prices for your house cleaning services. Charging for your time, services, and equipment used is the most efficient way to make sure your house-cleaning rates are fair. If you use other cleaners, you can also include those charges in your average house cleaning cost.

As part of this, you’ll need to come up with a marketing strategy to attract customers. Here are some strategies for marketing your cleaning business as it grows. You can start small, with just some standard cleaning supplies, and build up your inventory as you grow. If you bid on larger commercial contracts, you may have to purchase this policy before the client will sign the contract. However, it’s still a helpful insurance policy to consider for all cleaning businesses. A sole proprietorship is the easiest type of legal structure for starting your cleaning business — but also the one with the most risk exposure.

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Key Niches in The Cleaning Industry

Conversely, homes with more square footage will likely be more expensive to clean. Whether you focus on home cleaning or commercial, building out your niche and generating a roster of repeat customers is crucial for success. The checklist below highlights the top things to do when starting a cleaning business for the first time to set you on the right track. In particular, you want to pinpoint your competitive advantage, whether it be pricing, speed, customer service, or using eco-friendly cleaning products.

How much to charge when starting a cleaning business

And clients may have special requests regarding the cleaning products you may use. Eco-friendly products are safer for pets and occupants, especially those with allergies. However, these products might cost a bit more than regular cleaning products. So, you have to factor this when calculating the project’s overall cost. It usually involves vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, sanitizing, and dusting the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces. You’re likely to charge from $100 to $200 for general house cleaning. Cleaning companies can charge more for these kinds of services, but they also require special tools, which can increase your initial costs.

How to Start a Cleaning Business

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Many cleaning businesses use punch card programs that offer discounts once a customer has reached a certain number of cleanings. You can also offer a discount to customers who agree to recurring monthly services. Facility rent and cost can be a major expense that significantly affects your bottom line, and a home office can help lessen those costs. However, your home office needs to have the storage space to accommodate all of your equipment and cleaning supplies. Mill City Cleaning Services is a reputable residential and commercial cleaning company that offers reliable services to make your home and business spotless. We offer different types of cleaning services to suit your budget and needs. This option includes more than just the regular house cleaning service – it also involves detailed cleaning of every room in your home.

For example, there is a significant difference between the cleaning needs of a traditional business office and a medical facility. It’s also important to consider the type of building your office is located in. This information will affect the type of tools and equipment your cleaning company will need to give you the best results. One of the best ways to acquire and maintain regular customers is to take advantage of social media. Use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to post photos of your work, engage with potential clients, and provide updates. Keep in mind that what you charge your clients will not be what you pay your employees.

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