How to Build Wedding Invitations Using Custom Stationery

Read more about Custom Wedding Invitations here. If the ceremony and reception are at different locations, include the addresses on separate cards for formal wedding invitations. Wedding invitation cards and messages set the theme for weddings. When guests see a rustic invitation with informal wording, it lets them know that the event will be on the casual side. On the other hand, when they see a classic wedding invitation with traditional, formal wording, they will expect a more upscale affair.

InvitesThe invite has information about the wedding date, time, and location. Look at a few examples before you draft your own.If you’re having a reception and ceremony at the same site, indicate that on the invite. For two different locations, make sure you clearly list both addresses and times. Some invitations have a separate enclosure for the reception address. That might sound like a lot for stationery, but wedding invitations are an exciting first glimpse of your wedding colors and themes in action. There will almost certainly be creativity flowing as you start to design the rest of your celebration. The recommended protocol for allowing invitees to bring guests is to find out the name of the guest and send them their own invitation.

One final task that can take up a lot of precious wedding planning time is finalizing the address list. The addresses are stored in your account and can be selected during the design process. BONUS – Basic Invite offers free recipient address printing on all card orders. Online wedding invitations cost less than paper ones — but aren’t always free. The digital online invitation services like Paperless Post will charge you — and costs can get up in the $100+ range. Using an email provider to create personalized email invitations — and all your other wedding correspondence too — will cost much less. However, some online wedding invitations are “more” acceptable than others.

For a single guest that gets to bring a plus one, it’s best to know the name of the person your invitee will bring. If not, simply include “& Guest” or “and guest,” following the full name of the invitee.

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Pricing is one of the most difficult things to nail down for your wedding invitation business. You price too low and not only are you not able to make ends meet, but you also run the risk of clients not valuing your services. If you price too high, you run the risk of losing potential clients looking for more affordable alternatives. If you have a vision for your stationery and want to create something unlike anything you’ve seen, we offer custom design services. Couples not living together should also be written in alphabetical order, and the letter should be sent to the person who you are closest with.

When to Send Wedding Invitations

Make sure you and your partner’s names are front and center. They may be placed high, low, or center depending on your invitation design, but make sure they are clearly legible and prominently featured. For heterosexual couples, the bride’s name traditionally comes before the groom’s. For same-sex couples, the wording of the host line may dictate who’s name comes first (i.e., if one set of parents is hosting, their names will come first and their child’s should follow). If you are hosting yourselves, then it’s up to you to decide which name comes first. Translucent vellum has been really popular for wedding invitations lately.

Our 100% silk charmeuse ribbon is both charming and romantic. Tying your wedding invitations with silk ribbon, either by itself or in addition to your belly band, can be a bit challenging the first few tries. Due to the delicacy of the material, the ribbon will have a little bit more room for your pieces to move around. Below is a step by step process of how to tie your suites with perfection.

How to Address a Wedding Invitation to an Unmarried Couple

It’ll add a beautiful finishing touch to your Papier post and save you tons of handwriting, freeing up precious time so you can get on with planning the rest of your big day. If your wedding is a black tie affair you may choose to address your wedding envelopes in the most formal way possible. On the other hand, perhaps traditional addressing styles aren’t really your thing and you want something a bit more casual. There are options for every level so just figure out your preferences before getting started.

But deciding how to address envelopes for everyone on your guest list isn’t as simple as it sounds. So to offer a helping hand when you’ve got a million other things to prep and plan, we’ve put together this quick, simple guide to wedding envelope addressing.

Wedding stationery prices by paper type

Contact me if you’d like more info on these euro flap vellum envelopes. Most square wedding invitations are in 6.5×6.5″ envelopes, which would require an oversized surcharge because the height is greater than 6.25″. Postcard wedding invites seem like an awesome idea for things like Save the Dates. They might arrive to your guests torn or bent or otherwise banged up. You may not feel comfortable designing your invitations, which is completely understandable! But the inserts (ie. details and directions cards, reception information and registry cards) don’t require a fancy design.

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