How To Install Clip-In Extensions On Natural Hair

The right choice for you really depends on whether you want to wear them every single day, most days, or just occasionally. Once your extensions are free of all tangles, it’s time to wash them—but, whatever you do, don’t rub them with intense friction in an attempt to suds them up. Instead, Brager says to hold your clip-ins at the clips (as in the tops of the wefts) and submerge them into a sink filled with lukewarm water. For the best possible blend, be mindful of your weft placement. Make sure that you place the clip-ins in areas where you have enough hair to fully cover the weft. After installing the hair, be sure to style the hair as you normally would. Perfect Locks hair is 100% Remy human hair so it can withstand heat and be styled as desired for an outstanding look.

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After the weft is pressed into place, lift any hairs that didn’t attach to the tape and clip them up with the rest of the hair. The time also depends on the look that you are going for and how many extensions are going to be required to achieve your desired look.

How To Hide Hair Extensions In Thin Hair

Our extensions add just the right amount of length and volume to your natural hair. Be careful, hair loss can occur from wearing extensions for a prolonged period of time (known as traction alopecia), so it’s good to give your hair a break once in a while. Be careful that you don’t sew the wig clip on backward as you’ll end up with the combs opening in the wrong direction. A hack to get around this problem is to open the clips before you start sewing.

What Kind Of Curls Can I Do On Hair Extensions?

The installment and removal process is simple and can cost anywhere from $200 to $800 on average. These extensions are pre-taped to wefts, then taped and glued on either side of your strands. Usually, the hairdresser would align them with the roots and apply them with a heated tool that heats the glue. And don’t forget — you need to have them removed with a glue remover at a salon. If you are looking for a temporary style of extensions, then opt for clip-ins because you can quickly and painlessly remove them and put them back for any occasion or day. “Clip-ins shouldn’t be worn more than 12 to 24 hours,” says Lopez. They are also the least damaging (if you don’t pull on them or leave them on too long) because they don’t involve heat, pressure or chemicals.

Curly Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions

Read more about clip in hair extensions here. But tape-in extensions are still considered to be pretty new, so not everyone knows how to install them. Extensions are a great way to change up a look without having to make a major commitment.

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