How to wall-mount your TV: a step by step guide

Prices differ, depending on the sort of mount and how complicated the installation shall be. Best Buy, Target, and Walmart provide set up utilizing either their own staff members or an outside firm. Knowing the ideal top to mount the TV at, you’ll be able to then mark that position on the wall using a simple calculation. Using a 43-inch TV as an example, you merely take the display screen height (22 inches on this case) divide it in half (11 inches) and then subtract it from the really helpful mounting height.

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Line the mounting arm or plate on the TV up with the bracket on the wall and join them following the manufacturer’s directions. This can vary from one mount to the subsequent, so at all times learn the instructions. With the wall bracket correctly placed, you’re greater than halfway accomplished mounting your TV. To properly lift and carry a TV, you need to let the TV chassis do the work of supporting the display.

A full-motion TV mount pivots in multiple points to tilt, swivel, prolong, and rotate your TV. It’s useful to view from numerous seatings areas, reduce glare, and permit entry to the rear TV ports and cables. It is the most costly possibility and may require a safer anchoring technique than other styles due to the steady movement. If you’re uncertain about installing a full-motion mount, think about hiring an expert. If you watch TV in mattress, your eye line in all probability won’t be the same as sitting on your couch.

Our technicians can mount any flat screen television—from 31 inches to over 81—and have it ready in time for all your mates to observe the massive recreation. All you have to do is go to our web site, choose the service and then pick a time slot that works on your schedule. A Puls technician will arrive at your step inside a quantity of days, and even as quickly as the very same day. Yes, you ought to use drywall anchor bolts similar to toggle anchors or molly bolts. They can maintain as a lot as 100 kilos and safe your TV to the wall while not having wall studs.

Step 6. Attach your bracket to the wall & your TV to the bracket.

The most weight and screen-size specs will be listed on the TV mount’s box and the company website. Just as a result of two mounts can deal with the same measurement television, don’t assume they are rated for their same weight—that differs by brand. Although you TV set could additionally be mild enough in order that wall anchors will support the weight they might pull unfastened when the set gets re-positioned and adjusted. Once you’ve narrowed down the type of mount you wish to work with, it’s time to see which one(s) are appropriate together with your wall and your display.

How High Should a TV Be Mounted?

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Certain obstacles may prevent you from using these wall studs. In this case, you presumably can mount the TV to any part of drywall that has no studs behind it. Even the biggest TV could be conveniently tucked away towards a wall and still provide a premium viewing experience.

While smaller TVs may be handled by a single particular person, something over 50 inches must be moved and lifted by two people. Even if the weight is manageable for a single individual to lift, the size and form of the TV make it unwieldy, and care needs to be taken to stop damaging the display. Wall-mounting a TV comes with a number of benefits, from a cleaner aesthetic design, to higher ergonomics for extra gratifying watching. It also can stop a TV from tipping over — which can be a security hazard if you young youngsters and pets who like climb near the TV stand.

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This can even lead into how you propose to hook cables up to the TV. Finding the best viewing angle for a TV is another issue, Marc notes. For instance, when you happen to be mounting your TV over the fireplace, you’ll need to determine the clearance of the fireplace to stop any potential warmth harm. Newer stud finders light up the complete stud, so it’s simpler to see the middle.

In some situations, this will be a drop-in connector with safety screws that could be tightened after attaching, but others will use attachments that may clip or screw into place. Be positive to consult the instructions that got here with the TV mount and use the included hardware to attach the plate to the bracket. Learning how to wall mount a TV gives you the power to make one of many greatest upgrades for your home theater (outside of purchasing for a brand new TV or a flowery sound system). And we have already found the most effective TV mounts that can help you get began. Believe it or not, a tv mount is not a one-size-fits-all state of affairs.

If your TV is mounted above a highboy dresser, you don’t want to hold a 70″ television above it. Purchase a smaller dimension, but mount it at a super viewing distance for a comfortable viewing experience. By far the most important concern folks have when mounting a TV is how excessive a TV should be mounted. An improperly positioned TV can result in poor picture quality, neck ache and eye pressure among many other issues.

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