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Terminal-to-terminal shipping offers carriers an easier way to transport your vehicle. Delivering cars to a central location such as a city terminal is far safer and more efficient than needing to head down back roads or through subdivisions. While open transport has a lower price, it leaves your vehicle more vulnerable to damages. That’s why we’d recommend that drivers with valuable or rare models stick with the slower time frames of enclosed car shipping. If you’re shipping a vehicle like a motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or recreational vehicle (RV), you’ll have to find a driver who’s willing to move it.

In the rare event that you do discover any damage, promptly inform the transport company and provide any necessary evidence. Most reputable companies have insurance coverage to address such situations and will guide you through the claims process. You can choose between different transport methods, like open or enclosed transport and services like door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal shipping. For international shipments, options include port-to-port shipping and air freight.

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Typically, you’ll need to provide details such as your vehicle’s make, model, year, condition (operational or non-operational), and any modifications. Read more about European vehicle recovery here. The more accurate and detailed your information, the more accurate your estimate will be. Scammers might have poorly designed websites, contain spelling errors, or lack essential information about their services.

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Why pay more money by filling up the tank right before transport? Before the carrier arrives, run your fuel down to about a quarter of a tank. Your vehicle will be driven onto the trailer, hauled to the destination, and unloaded. You will have plenty of opportunities to fuel up when your vehicle is delivered to your new home. Not all discounts are available at all delivery times and are not available via the car shipping cost calculator. When you’re speaking with transport specialists, make sure to ask about current discount opportunities before you start the booking process.

How does a car shipping company determine my price?

The manufacturer’s actual cost to transport a specific vehicle from the assembly plant to the dealer is not reflected in the destination charge. Automakers instead use proprietary formulas to arrive at a nationwide average for a particular product type. Destination charges are only for auto transport within the United States. With vehicle pricing so competitive, automakers strive to keep the destination charges down because they are included in the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Enclosed shipping transports your car inside an enclosed trailer. This type of shipping keeps your vehicle safe from damage that it could be exposed to on an open trailer.

We are upfront about pricing when shipping a car, helping our clients to find the perfect shipping solutions for their needs. With that being said, our quotes are based on the information provided to us. If you provide inaccurate information about the vehicle, pickup and delivery location, or destination, then the estimate is subject to change. Terminal-to-terminal vehicle shipping is an incredibly affordable cheap auto transport solution. Instead of arranging for the carrier to come to your door, you drop the vehicle off at the nearest loading facility for cross-country car shipping.


This will help them meet the dates and ensure a smooth car shipping process. Regarding how much to ship a vehicle cross country, the cheapest is usually not the best or safest choice. Vehicle shipping companies’ pricing often reflects the quality of their car shipping services’ equipment. Do you need to move your personal vehicle, a corporate fleet or inventory from or to a car dealership? Hansen’s provides full-service vehicle transport services throughout Canada and to the United States for individuals and commercial enterprises. Our fleet of over 270 transport vehicles and strong partnership with CP Rail enables us to provide prompt and reliable service. Car transport, or vehicle transport, is a service that moves cars from one destination to another.

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