What Is Revenue Management? 5 Strategies for Success

Finally, understand the competition within the market to make strategic decisions regarding price, advertising, and discounts. While originally designed for the airline and hotel industries, revenue management concepts now apply to businesses across all sectors. For any company with capacity constraints or market variability, revenue management is pivotal for success. With data analytics, businesses can rapidly respond to changes in supply and demand. But in reality, revenue management is a simple concept that any business can implement to boost profits. With some strategic planning and number crunching, revenue management allows companies to price and sell their inventory in a way that maximizes revenue.

HubSpot keeps the revenue management rolling by upselling as you move through the sales journey. Although most revenue management tools can’t help you create great content, they can help you prioritize markets, languages, and content types, depending on where there’s a demand and pull for your product.

revenue management

A well-thought-out room-type strategy is a fundamental tactic to maximize yielding opportunities. For example, building various room type categories will allow you to apply supplements and restrictions between different room categories. The extra revenue and control over availability this provides is an essential technique at the disposal of revenue managers.

There are many ways businesses can incentivize direct bookings, including offering discounts, exclusive deals, and loyalty rewards. Revenue management is a relatively new field that has emerged in response to the globalization of business and the advent of new technologies. Strategic RGM requires some investment in data and analytics, which can typically happen without a major step-up in talent in this area. Precision RGM harnesses data and cutting-edge analytical skills to get radically more granular in identifying opportunities and delivering on them precisely. Providing GAAP compliant reports is an absolute requirement for public companies and provides credibility for private companies looking for investors.


Driving incremental revenue to your hotel through focusing on ancillary revenue and upselling is a great way to increase revenue, namely because the quality of service offered to your current guests can be increased. Making sure that the services/products offered clearly add value to the overall guest journey is therefore crucial. Small and larger contributions can both lead to an increase in the revenue per customer and guest satisfaction, a powerful combination that will add up to meaningful gains in the long term. To be 100% clear on how an ideal revenue operations process would look like, we at XOTELS always strongly recommend seeing revenue management as a process. This characterizes truly robust and impactful revenue strategies – giving you the agility and ability to navigate any challenges and become a market leader. To effectively manage capacity, businesses need to have a good understanding of both customer demand and their own production capabilities. They also need to be able to recognize and capitalize on areas of non-productivity that could create new revenue streams.

What is revenue management?

Both companies may have the same problem, but they’ll need different solutions from your product and different pricing or price plans. Customer success teams, or account management teams, are your customers’ primary contact point. They ensure people continue to benefit from your product, understand new features or tools, and are at the forefront of relationships. This guide will talk through everything you need to know about revenue management, from building a business case for why you need revenue management resources, revenue management strategies, and KPIs to tools designed to help you along the way.

What challenges do entrepreneurs face in developing a successful business strategy?

It was around this time that Kong caught the eye of Martin Casado, a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz and the co-founder of cloud computing company Nicira Networks. At first glance, Casado says, the company was far from a surefire investment. They spent the next few months completely rethinking everything about the company, experimenting with new ideas, ultimately renaming it and pivoting to an API-focused business. Kong strives to be the way into that nervous system by helping companies manage the hundreds or even thousands of different APIs they have to access to on a daily basis.

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