How to Care for Doodle Hair

Doodle Dogs, or Doodles, as they’re also called, are mixed breed dogs with Poodle DNA. The Poodle is a robust, friendly and intelligent breed that lends its best qualities to a variety of other dog breeds, which is why Doodles are so in demand. Without this proper Socialization and training, your Goldendoodle puppy may be afraid in certain situations, such as with new people or animals.

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When left unattended, a Goldendoodle’s undercoat can get matted and painful for your pet. Every dog loses their puppy fur to grow in their adult coat.

Below are some useful tips for addressing the day-to-day grooming needs of a doodle dog, plus some insight on what you can do yourself versus what you should entrust to a professional dog groomer. This smart, furry puppy is the best friend any dog owner could ask for. The amount of affection and devotion a Goldendoodle can offer you is unmatched. Patricia is an experienced pet writer and lifelong animal lover. When she isn’t writing, Patricia enjoys spending time with her pets, cats Binx and Link and dog Mystery.

The next step is to move the goldendoodle into a bathtub or washbasin for shampooing. Also gather all the supplies you’ll need to wash a Goldendoodle, including shampoo, conditioner a towel, and a brush. The first step to wash a goldendoodle is to thoroughly brush the coat. Be careful to only wash a goldendoodle when it’s necessary as their skin can tend to dry out with too much bathing.

While food, toys, and health care are often expected, you should also factor in supplies, grooming, and even obedience training. To give you an idea what to expect, we’ve gathered together a year’s worth of costs for owning a Goldendoodle. Your breeder should be able to help you identify a wavy versus curly coat from a young age. Again, looking at both parent dogs and/or past litters can help. Keep in mind some of the differing in appearance of Doodles is the result of grooming/hair cut differences. So for example, even a curly Doodle can have a rounder/soft face depending on the length of his/her fur.

Good Breeding Matters

Among the Goldendoodles, a standard size Goldendoodle has a faster growth rate than the mini or toy Goldendoodle. But all of them show a tremendous growth rate between the third and six months of age. Although this condition may sound complicated, it’s actually relatively simple. Just like us, your doodle puppy can experience “allergic conjunctivitis,” or, put more simply, seasonal allergies that affect the eyes. The long strands around their face have the tendency to attract allergens like pollen, mold, and dust, which can irritate those soulful puppy eyes. Infections may also be caused by their own long hair that can get trapped in their eyes or tear ducts, leading to infection if not removed.

Throw Your Own International Doodle Dog Day Party

Rest assured, you will have a wonderful companion by your side in the form of a Golden Doodle if you praise them every day, play with them and give them food rewards. As a thoughtful owner of a senior Goldendoodle, you know companionship is necessary. If you don’t have other dogs, you must consider Goldendoodle puppies. However, you could find a farm that doesn’t socialize its puppies. Adopting a dog without good socialization training can lead to an unhappy and fearful doodle, which will stress you and your senior dog. The new owner of each puppy will usually apply directly to kennels like the AKC, listing the registered names of the dog parents. If all is in order, the puppy gets their registration papers.

Upon taking their goldendoodle puppy to their new home, we recommend that our clients continue the training journey. Positive reinforcement, basic commands, and obedience training are key to fostering good behavior. Use clicker training, verbal praise, and dog treats to encourage your puppy’s learning. Consider enrolling them in puppy school for further development.

If you’re wondering how to properly train Goldendoodle puppies to cope with the stress of your leaving, you must practice counterconditioning. This treatment will change your Goldendoodle’s anxious, stressful behavior into pleasant, calm behaviors. Start by teaching your dog to stay in their comfy, calming cuddle bed and then gradually start moving farther and farther away.

Just remember that even the best-cared-for dogs can find themselves in distress from time to time. Be sure to keep an eye on your own pup, and if you see signs that something is wrong, don’t hesitate to take them to the vet. With a little love and care, even the most distressed dogs can lead happy, healthy lives. Read more about labradoodle puppies here. If you find a Goldendoodle at a shelter or rescue, you usually only have to pay the adoption fee, which includes vaccinations, spaying or neutering, deworming, and other veterinary care. Shelters have different adoption fees, but it’s generally cheaper than buying a puppy from a breeder. You also have a lot of the dog’s initial veterinary costs covered with that fee.

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