Ozempic: How a TikTok weight loss trend caused a global diabetes drug shortage and health concerns

“Ozempic may be prescribed by any licensed clinician including physicians, nurse practitioners and doctor assistants,” says Dr. Johnson. It’s important to establish care with a main care provider (PCP) as an preliminary step, she advises, which incorporates an in-person medical exam. She says blood work—drawn inside the last three to six months—should be reviewed by your PCP earlier than beginning Ozempic. 92% of people have achieved lasting weight loss via G-Plans personalized food regimen program that delivers inexpensive, doctor-prescribed weight reduction treatment proper to your door. Take the free 5min quiz to get pre-approved, no insurance coverage wanted. For people requiring additional medication to regulate blood sugar levels after four weeks, the dose could also be elevated to 1 mg weekly.

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Your healthcare provider will begin you at a low dosage of 0.25 mg once weekly for 4 weeks. This dosage is intended to provoke remedy with Ozempic and doesn’t help management blood sugar. If you’re thinking about using Ozempic for weight reduction but don’t have diabetes, speak with a healthcare professional.

How do I store Ozempic?

That’s leading to shortages of drugs being utilized by folks with diabetes who, you understand, are saying, we need these medication. We can’t have them taken away from us because of this recurring weight reduction frenzy. And it’s inflicting every kind of difficult conditions for folks.

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The good news is that Ozempic injections are straightforward to make use of, and once you inject yourself a few occasions, it’s going to feel easy. If you’re prescribed Ozempic for managing diabetes, then your insurance will probably cowl the price in full, depending on your plan. Due to occasional provide chain issues, Ozempic could additionally be tough to acquire, and your healthcare skilled may recommend an alternate. Ozempic (semaglutide) is a prescription-only injectable treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat sort 2 diabetes. You can use the Ozempic dose counter in your pen to see how much medicine is left within the pen. If you cannot dial your dose, there’s not sufficient drugs within the pen on your dose.

This can embody setting an alarm or timer in your phone or downloading a reminder app. For directions about how to self-inject Ozempic, see the drug’s prescribing information. You can even see detailed directions and a dosage video on the manufacturer’s web site. If you’re outdoors of the United States, you could hear Ozempic known as Ozempic DualDose. This refers to the pen that delivers 0.25-milligram (mg) or zero.5-mg doses. Dr. Kipnis usually follows up with folks one month after beginning Ozempic and every three months after that.

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